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Archives for 05/21/2018

Despite fraud claims & low turnout Venezuela's Socialists claim victory

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Today’s Fraud News from around the world: Despite fraud claims & low turnout Venezuela's Socialists claim victory: Accusations of fraud are expected to go unheeded claim the oppsoition, as most electoral officials are now Maduro party loyalists or appointees.: Google Alert – Fraud Venezuela's Maduro Wins Boycotted Elections Amid Charges Of Fraud: Venezuela's leftist President […]

Phishing Roundup: Caracal, Stealth Mango, Tangelo, Apple, DHL, eFax & More

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Image Source: Phishing takes place when a fraudster tricks an individual into sharing sensitive information (account numbers, Social Security numbers, login credentials, etc.) by way of fraudulent emails, texts, or counterfeit websites. Phishing can also enable a scammer to gain access to a computer or network so that they can install malware, such as ransomware, on […]