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Archives for 04/11/2018

Crypto Diehards Stand by Celebrity-Hyped Coin US Calls a Fraud

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Today’s Fraud News from around the world: Crypto Diehards Stand by Celebrity-Hyped Coin US Calls a Fraud: At least three exchanges delisted Centra Tech's CTR Token after the SEC and Justice Department announced fraud allegations. While it's difficult to assess the number of market participants, data posted on CoinMarketCap's website indicates undeterred investors keep shifting […]

Mobile phishing success rate continually swimming upward – research

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Mobile phishing click rates have increased 85 percent annually since 2011, according to research released today. In a survey of its users and over 67 million mobile devices, mobile security firm Lookout’s report, Mobile phishing 2018: Myths and facts facing every modern enterprise today,¬†finds that mobile users who clicked on a mobile phishing link did […]