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Archives for 10/13/2017

Google Chrome more at risk from phishing attacks than Microsoft Edge, research finds

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Microsoft’s Edge browser offers better protection from cyber criminals than Google Chrome, a new report has found. Chrome is by far the more popular option, but the findings suggest you have a better chance of staying safe online if you switch. Cyber security firm NSS Labs tested Chrome, Edge and Firefox, to work out how […]

Coinbase Rolls Out Instant US Bitcoin Buys Thanks to 'Proprietary Fraud Prevention'

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Today’s Fraud News from around the world: Coinbase Rolls Out Instant US Bitcoin Buys Thanks to 'Proprietary Fraud Prevention': Coinbase has removed a major hurdle for US customers purchasing Bitcoin via bank transfer, cutting the waiting period from 3-5 days to “instantly.”.: Google Alert – Fraud Susan Campbell: Real Worry Voter Suppression, Not Fraud: Vice […]

New Research Suggests Massive Yellowstone Eruption Could Occur Sooner Than Expected?

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CLAIM New research from Arizona State University suggests that a catastrophic super-eruption from the Yellowstone caldera could occur sooner than previously thought. FALSE RATING FALSE ORIGIN On 10 October 2017, the New York Times ran a story (with the ominous headline “A Surprise From the Supervolcano Under Yellowstone”) that reported on an August 2017 presentation made […]