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Archives for 09/08/2017

The DNC’s Technology Chief is Phishing His Staff. Good. | WIRED

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If you are among the millions of Americans concerned about cybersecurity at the Democratic National Committee—and how could you not be?—then the home of the party’s tech braintrust might not give you much hope. The tiny, charmless office, with “DNC Tech” scribbled in dry-erase marker on the door, contains one desk and two computer monitors. […]

Equifax Breach Exposes 143 Million People to Identity Theft

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Credit monitoring company Equifax has been hit by a high-tech heist that exposed the Social Security numbers and other sensitive information about 143 million Americans. Now the unwitting victims have to worry about the threat of having their identities stolen. The Atlanta-based company, one of three major U.S. credit bureaus, said Thursday that “criminals” exploited […]

Investment Adviser Pleads Guilty to Fraud in Kansas

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Today’s Fraud News from around the world: Investment Adviser Pleads Guilty to Fraud in Kansas: Investment Adviser Pleads Guilty to Fraud in Kansas … of companies tied to three multimillion-dollar frauds between 2008 and 2014, including a Ponzi …: Google Alert – Fraud Former business owner accused of Medicaid fraud: Sweeting is charged with two felony […]