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Archives for 08/15/2017

Gmail now warns iOS users about suspicious links in fight against phishing threats

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Should you really be clicking on those links you just received in your email? Despite all the headlines about zero-day threats and state-sponsored attacks, the rather less dramatic truth is that the majority of security incidents start with a user simply clicking on a malicious link or opening a dangerous attachment – threats that we’ve […]

Did a 1940s U.S. War Department Film Compare Anti-Minority Hate Speech to Nazi Propaganda?

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CLAIM A U.S. War Department film from the 1940s warns Americans that political rhetoric condemning minorities and foreigners is a precursor to fascist movements like Nazism. TRUE RATING TRUE ORIGIN On 12 August 2017, in the aftermath of a so-called “Unite the Right” protest in Charlottesville, Virginia that ended in a fatal vehicular attack, Al […]

Fraud Investigator in Las Vegas, NV at Credit One Bank

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Today’s Fraud News from around the world: Fraud Investigator in Las Vegas, NV at Credit One Bank: Confirms that all account holder claims of fraud are processed, investigated and resolved in accordance with all Federal, State and Local laws and …: Google Alert – Fraud MalwareTech,' Hero Who Stopped Ransomware Attack, Pleads Not Guilty to Computer […]