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Archives for 08/10/2017

PhishMe offers free phishing training tool to SMBs

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There are lots of reasons scammers send a phishing email. They may want to get access to the company network or perhaps a quick payout with ransomware. Maybe it’s just a good old fashioned con to trick someone into sending money or personally identifiable information, but whatever the reason, everyday countless phishing emails are sent into […]

Did Walmart Place a Sign Over a Gun Display Urging Students to ‘Own the School Year Like a Hero’?

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CLAIM Walmart placed a sign urging kids to “own the school year like a hero” right over a gun display. TRUE RATING TRUE ORIGIN On 9 August 2017, Twitter user Ismail Kidd Noorzai posted a photograph to his Twitter page showing what appeared to be a rifle display at Walmart with a sign directly over it […]