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Archives for 07/17/2017

Why we keep falling for online phishing scams and downloading viruses

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Why do so many of us fall prey to phishing attacks and online scams? We hear warnings about the dangers of opening untrusted files and cautionary tales of the repercussions of falling for nefarious internet hoaxes. And yet, the problem persists. Take, for example, the opening of this viral message that spread like wildfire across Facebook […]

EU's anti-fraud agency opens Garda college probe

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Today’s Fraud News from around the world: EU's anti-fraud agency opens Garda college probe: The EU's anti-fraud agency has opened a formal investigation into the Garda college, which is likely to include interviews with key gardaí and …: Google Alert – Fraud Cathryn Hazouri: Voter fraud logic contrived: Don Sherwood would win the standing broad jump […]