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Archives for 07/06/2017

Isabel Kim | Fraud news

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Today’s Fraud News from around the world: Isabel Kim | Fraud news: Isabel Kim | Fraud news. By Isabel Kim 6 hours ago. ISABEL KIM is a College senior from Warren, N.J., studying English and Fine Arts. Her email …: Google Alert – Fraud States Declare Independence From Trump's Voter Fraud Commission: When the White House's […]

Phishing scams continue to trick thousands out of Australians

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Scammers posing as businesses we trust keep tricking Australians into paying bogus bills. “Phishing” scams have become by far the most common tricks reported to Australia’s consumer watchdog. They’re called such because the scammers cast their net wide, sending bogus emails to thousands of people in the hope that a few of us won’t spot […]

Does Lip Balm Work as a Scantron Test Hack?

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CLAIM Rubbing lip balm on a Scantron test sheet will produce a perfect score. FALSE RATING FALSE ORIGIN Our deeply ingrained and devoutly cherished need to believe in the chimera of “something for nothing” freebies manifests itself in this widely-believed bit of classroom lore. According to the behind-the-hand whispers of hopeful pupils from grade school […]