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Archives for 06/18/2017

Thane police arrest fraud pump owners

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Today’s Fraud News from around the world: Thane police arrest fraud pump owners: Mumbai: The Thane police is set to crack down on a group of 100 local fuel stations that are suspected of using electronic chips to manipulate their …: Google Alert – Fraud Jay Bilas accuses NCAA of 'breaking its own rules' in North […]

Phishing in deep waters

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CHENNAI: The Cyber Crime Cell in Chennai gets close to 25 complaints a day broadly involving phishing calls and online harassment of women. Experts say it won’t be wrong to peg the number of complaints in the state at around 400-500 a day. They say this is a gross underestimation, as many people do not […]

God ‘s Chorus of Crickets

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CLAIM A slowed-down recording of crickets chirping sounds like a human chorus. UNPROVEN RATING UNPROVEN ORIGIN Many listeners have been fascinated by a recording that was supposedly produced from slowed-down tapes of crickets chirping, producing something that sounds remarkably like a human chorus: Composer Jim Wilson has recorded the sound of crickets and then slowed […]