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Archives for 04/19/2017

Santander says its online banking fraud flaw is fixed

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Today’s Fraud News from around the world: Santander says its online banking fraud flaw is fixed: Santander says its online banking fraud flaw is fixed. Santander has fixed a flaw in its online banking after it was exposed by Money Mail. The bank …: Google Alert – Fraud Force India boss Vijay Mallya arrested in UK […]

Beware that ‘how to get data’ file may hide GPCODE Ransomware

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A new form of ransomware has made an appearance called “GPCODE Ransomware” It dumps a text file called “how to get data” which infects and locks all files. GPCODE Ransomware infects your PC via: Malicious URLs. Malicious e-mail attachments. Since this particular ransomware also known as the JOKE virus is reported to infect servers which […]

Five bust for Fraudulent Study Permits and Passports

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An operation composed of various police units in the Uitenhage Cluster have made a major breakthrough when suspects involved in falsifying of work, study permits and passports in the Addo and Kirkwood regions were arrested. The operation was conducted during the evening of Thursday, 13 April 2017, and five suspects were apprehended at their residential […]

SAPO warns of Parcel Delivery Scam

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Pretoria – The South African Post Office (Sapo) has warned members of the public to be on alert of a parcel delivery scam designed to defraud them. According to the Post Office, people are contacted telephonically by persons pretending to be from the customs division of the SA Post Office. “The caller informs them that […]

Sneaky Exploit Allows Phishing Attacks From Sites That Look Secure

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Phishing attacks can make even crusading technovangelists paranoid. One wrong click can put you out a ton of cash, or cause a corporate breach. And they evolve constantly. Case in point: A cunning new exploit makes malicious phishing websites appear to have the same URL as known and trusted destinations. You know by now to check your browser […]

Do Menstrual Cycles Synchronize When Women Live Together?

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CLAIM Women’s menstrual cycles synchronize when they live or work in close proximity to one another. Unproven RATING Unproven ORIGIN The idea that women living or working in proximity to one another synchronize their menstrual cycles is particularly persistent, and has now become accepted as conventional wisdom.  However, it’s a relatively new idea — it has […]