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Archives for 03/21/2017

Let’s Encrypt Has Issued Certificates to Over 14,000 PayPal …

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(19 votes, average: 2.26 out of 5) Loading… Over 14,000 SSL Certificates issued to PayPal phishing sites. Earlier this month I discussed the use of Let’s Encrypt certificates on PayPal phishing sites. In that article I asked Let’s Encrypt to stop issuing certificates containing the term “PayPal” because of the high likelihood they would be […]

Does the “Slime” Craze Bring Serious Health Risks?

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CLAIM “Slime,” a do-it-yourself gooey craft project containing borax, white glue, and shaving cream, comes with serious health risks. Mostly False RATING Mostly False WHAT’S TRUE Respiratory, skin, or eye irritation from borax is possible, as is skin irritation from components of shaving cream. WHAT’S FALSE Fear-mongering claims about carcinogenicity, reproductive toxicity, and neurotoxic harm […]

Fraudsters Caught Red Handed [Video]

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A Fraudsters video production – Fraudsters Caught Red Handed: Two West African nationals were charged in court with attempted fraud, after being dramatically arrested by detectives from the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission while in the process of trying to illegally obtain 2 million shillings from Kenya National Human Rights Commissioner, Hassan Omar. Unknown to the fraudsters, […]

Couple investigated by FBI for CG mortgage fraud

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Today’s Fraud News from around the world: Couple investigated by FBI for CG mortgage fraud: Victoria Tiznado and Gabriel Perez were indicted in December on charges of fraudulent schemes, mortgage fraud, forgery and criminal trespassing …: Google Alert – Fraud Lawmakers reintroducing food stamp fraud bill: (WBAY) – Two state lawmakers plan to reintroduce a bill […]