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Archives for 02/04/2017

IRS: Scam Blends CEO Fraud, W-2 Phishing

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Most regular readers here are familiar with CEO fraud — e-mail scams in which the attacker spoofs the boss and tricks an employee at the organization into wiring funds to the fraudster. Loyal readers also have heard an earful about W-2 phishing, in which crooks impersonate the boss and request a copy of all employee tax […]

Trump executive order on voter fraud quietly stalled

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Today’s Fraud News from around the world: Trump executive order on voter fraud quietly stalled: Trump's own attorneys dismissed claims of voter fraud in a legal filing late last year responding to Green Party candidate Jill Stein's demand for a …: Google Alert – Fraud Maine woman pleads guilty to two counts of identity fraud: Jessica […]

Was a “Lost Continent” Found?

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On 2 February 2017, Time magazne reported on the findings of a study published in the journal Nature Communications that described how, by their telling, a lost continent was found in the Indian Ocean: You’d think it would be hard to misplace an entire continent, what with the mountains and trees and all that other […]

Nigerian fraudster and British Banks [Video]

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A Fraudsters video production – Nigerian fraudster and British Banks: After Nigerian ex-politician and fraudster James Ibbori goes on trial, Channel 4 News’ Business Editor Sarah Smith considers how and where Britain’s banks enter the matter. SUBMIT your FRAUD ALERT here.

Red Bull Fraud Warning

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In a statement Red Bull said: It has been brought to our attention that the Red Bull Brand has been illegally misused by third parties to commit fraudulent activities, especially on the internet or via e-mail. The main target of these fraud schemes is to make people pay money or to obtain personal and financial […]