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Email still beats texts – for hackers phishing for your data

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SAN FRANCISCO – Despite all the attention given to phishing attacks, and high profile hacks, email still remains the number one place where victims fall prey to bad guys. 

Business email getting compromised “is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and super effective,” says Sam Small, the chief security officer for ZeroFOX, a firm that helps enterprises with security protection. 

“You get an email, it looks and feels authentic, from someone you trust and they’re asking you to do something,” he adds. “The next thing you know, you’ve sent out a bogus wire transfer and the entire organization is at risk.”

Sam Small, the chief security officer for ZeroFOX, a digital security firm, poses with a fox mascot at the RSA Conference in San Francisco

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager, John Podesta, was hacked after an authentic-looking email sent to his Gmail account asked him to confirm a link. From there, the campaign’s emails were given to WikiLeaks and released to the world. 

Earlier this year, we pointed out each telltale sign to look for in a phishing email, with a bogus one that arrived in our inboxes, supposedly from Chase bank. 

Take a good look at a phishing e-mail from a hacker

Baltimore-based ZeroFOX, which is funded by several venture firms, including Intel’s investment arm and NEA, helps companies inspect links for phishing attacks and the like. Small is attending the RSA Conference in San Francisco, where some 40,000 plus attendees, over 625 exhibitors and many speakers are here talking digital security, passwords, biometrics and how to keep consumers and office workers safe.

His advice to consumers: Check every link before you click on it. Write to the company directly to confirm that they sent it, or call. 

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Erich Kron, a “security awareness advocate,” for KnowBe4, a Clearwater, Florida-based firm that trains employees about how to detect phishing attacks before it’s too late, says email is “far and away the big one,” due to volume. 

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